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About Us

The herbalist Naume Petkovski from Resen has been involved with tea production, tea combinations and products of tea combinations for more than 30 years. He states that there are no incurable human diseases, since the nature has cure for everything. Naume is a lawyer who got involved with herbs after he become sick and then he overcame his health problems with dysfunctional kidneys following his own diet and implementations of the herbal teas. This was both the motive and the drive for both him and his spouse to graduate herbs and botany from the University “Dimitar Vlahov” and start investigating the natural remedies. Petkovski has patented and attested four tea combinations, maceration, tinctures and honeydews. Besides the teas and the tea combinations, Naume also recommends a proper diet based on the patient blood type (based on the research and books of Peter D’Adamo). He claims that the diet is genetically predetermined and it needs to be followed accordingly. “Previously the diets were adjusted as recommended by Zarai and Diamond, however, in some diseases, the effects of the herbal teas were not so obvious simply because the diet was not followed properly”; Petkovski states.  During the process of conquering the disease three factors need to be followed: (1) the psychological factor (the desire to get cured), (2) the way you treat your body, and (3) following a proper diet. Petkovski is following recipes from several Yugoslavian and Bulgarian pharmacopeias such as Vesna Lukarovska and Vaso Dervendze.
“The herbs are personally picked up by us on the high altitudes of Galicica and Pelister where they can be found in their highest quality. It is important to follow the time periods when you are picking the herbs and to be careful that there have been exposed to enough sunshine and that the herbs are picked when there is no morning dew. The herbs are picked, dried in a proper manner and then packed and kept in special dry and cool spaces. The herbs are cut just before use in order to preserve their freshness.”

Petkovski guarantees you that you can tremendously improve from particular diseases that his herbal combinations has been patented for: the diseases and disorders of the urinary system( inflammations of the kidneys and urinary tracts, inflammations of the urinary bladder), inflammations of the prostate gland, inflammations of the genitals, the oviducts, inflectional problems such as kidney stones, nephrosclerosis, disorders of the digestive system such as diseases of the liver, hepatitis, diabetes, tumors and malignant disorders and in addition, the tea combination for overweight and obesity.

“We are receiving patients recommended to us by their doctors that had not found applicable solution with the modern medicine. All our patients have improved because they have been disciplined and have followed the rules with the proper food diet and drinking regularly our herbal teas. Our herbal teas are save, they are not making any addictions or side effects and they can be taken together with the medications prescribed by the doctors. Diagnosis from a doctor is required. We are also asking for a blood examination in order to diagnose the disease and the problems and to determine the proper diet. Our herbs are not only helping cure the consequences of the particular disease, they are also taking care of the actual cause for the particular disease. The basic principle is that our herbal combinations are stopping the progress of the diseases and then the organisms can fight and terminally solve the problem that caused the disease. That is why our herbal therapy is so effective and usually, permanently solves the problems. The herbs are cleaners of the organisms and they have several different effects: they serve as diuretics; they also have antibacterial and antiseptics abilities, depending on what combinations you are taking them with and what kind of problem you are trying to solve. You are not just conquering one disease you are also taking care of your whole organism. Just as an example, in one of the herbs used in the tea combinations (the root) you can extract between 200- 400 essential effects that are beneficial for the organism, taking a combination from several different herbs, you will have more than 1000 essential effects beneficial to your body. The typical medicines that you buy in your pharmacy have highly concentrated components that actually attack one or two factors. That is why you can see the effects almost immediately. However, our herbal combinations take longer time to help cure and that is why it is impossible to be cured within 2 or 3 days. The herbal teas have to be taken 7, 14, 21 or 42 days. For certain diseases the therapy can last even for several months. Most of the time we encourage people to take our herbal teas together with the traditional medicine in order to achieve the results sooner.

Petkovski is very proud that his herbal combinations successfully help cure many skin diseases, specifically vitiligo and psoriasis vulgaris, diseases who are claimed to be incurable by the traditional medicine.
The treatments for psoriasis vulgaris last between 42 and 80 days. The Psoriasis vulgaris is not a skin disease, although it manifests itself on the skin, it is an unbalanced metabolism, hormonal disorder, enzymatic disorders and problems with the transaminases of the liver. With the proper diet, and the right herbal tea combinations and some of our creams, the psoriasis can disappear, according to Petkovski. He also makes topical creams following folk recipes.

We are using underground parts of the plant (the root) extracted with alcohol. The St. John’s plant, in a combination with other herbs is used to treat most of the skin disorders. This particular plant has an extraordinary ability to regenerate the skin cells without the harmful effects seen in eczema and psoriasis.
If you are interested, you can order the tea combinations on our web page.

Rosa Canina (Wild Rose)

How everything begun
The beginning of this company is initiated from the need that Naume Petkovski had, when 30 years ago he was released from the city hospital of Skopje with severe kidney disorder, with creatinine levels of 1700 and he managed to cure himself with the herbal teas presented here. Afterwards, he developed a particular diet according to the theories described by Gunter, Carper and Rica Zarai, Diamond and some others, adjusted to the Macedonian territory. The effects of such treatment have shown to be particularly effective and considered to be not possible by the modern medicine (the amazing increase of the red blood cells up to 100000 within seven days, cleaning the blood from waste products, balancing the hormones again, increasing the immunity on a decent level, making the organism capable of fighting the disease by itself, which means incapacity of the disease to return back, promoting anti cancerogenic activities, and success with helping cure breast cancer up to the third degree, cleaning kidney stones, gallbladder stones and cleaning the bladder without the risk of the disease ever coming back. More explanations can be found under each particular disease).

The first users were our friends and neighbors, and then it spread all over Macedonia, Balkan and over the world. We are very successful in helping cure kidney diseases and disorders to such degree that kidney dialysis is no longer required.  Skin disorders (such as, psoriasis vulgaris, vitiligo, impetigo, eczema, lupus eritromatus). tend to disappear and never return when following our diet together with the herbal teas.

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