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DIABETES is a common expression that is actually combining several different biochemical disorders in the human organism when the organism fails to use the carbohydrates, the sugar and the starch that are brought with the food. The lack of insulin makes the cells unable to take the sugar that comes with the food. As a result of this, the sugar is stuck in the blood vessels while the cells are actually starving. If left untreated, the increased blood sugar and the starving cells can lead to very serious damages on the other organs as well, such as: infarctions on the heart and the brain, kidney failure, blindness (because of the retina detachment), developing necrosis and gangrene on the limbs and other complications. Some of the common symptoms and signs of the diabetes and its existence are: increased micturition, nightly micturition, constant thirst and hunger associated with a loss of weight, increased sweating, fatigue and depression.


There are two types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the pancreatic cells that are making insulin are attacked by the body's defense cells and eliminated. Type 1 is usually noticed during childhood and is also known as Juvenile Diabetes. This type is considered to be a little bit more difficult to solve than Type 2 with the herbal medicine.

Type 2 Diabetes is different from Type 1 since the beta cells in the pancreas are still producing insulin, but either the insulin produced is not enough or the quality of the insulin is not good, so the cells in the body are not accepting it. Type 2 is occurring later in life, and it is also known as Adult diabetes, although nowadays is quite often noticed in overweight teens as well. Type 2 is usually associated with fat deposits on the liver and on the pancreas. There are some indications that fat deposits on the liver and pancreas might be one of the reasons for the insufficient production of the insulin. This type of diabetes can be completely resolved if the patients are following the proper diet with the herbal tea combinations. In several scientific journals has been indicated that the increase of the weight and poor diet might be purely responsible for the development of Type 2 diabetes and as such this type can disappear with our proposed treatment.

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