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Skin diseases Psoriasis Vulgaris and Vitiligo

psoriasis Vulgaris 1Psoriasis Vulgaris and Vitiligo
psoriasis punctata – the scars are very small, almost like sand corns

psoriasis guttata – the scars are big as drops of a morning dew

psoriasis nummularis –the scars are as big as quarter coins

psoriasis inplacibus – big scars and lesions that look like flat plates and take quite of space on the skin

anularni and circinarni psoriasis – the lesions are all of different forms and shapes


psoriasis geographica – the lesions look like a geographic map

psoriasis eritrodermithis – one of the more difficult forms of psoriasis

psoriasis inversa –it is localized on the integral parts of the extremities and the genitals, it is typical with the red shiny surfaces which quite often are moist with fissures and scabs

psoriasis inveterata – old psoriasis with sharply defined changes on the elbows and knees

psoriasis capiliti –it occupies the hairy part of the head with very thick depositions of dry lisps which never falls off

psoriasis palmoplantaris – psoriasis visible on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet very similar to the eczema in the appearance

psoriasis unguium – nail psoriasis

psoriasis pustilosa –rare form of psoriasis with visible and sterile scabs and usually appears together with another form of psoriasis

psoriasis pustuloza generalisata – It appears on the psoriasis hotspots and it is usually provoked byvitiligo arsenics, corticosteroids and similar, it is associated with increased body temperature and itching with discoloration and malformation of the nails and around the joints, it can also be visible on the palms of the hands.

Psoriasis arthropathica –It is a quite often form of psoriasis and it appears in the form of swelled tissue, paint in the joints, discoloration and disfiguration of the nails and usually associated with deformation arthritis(similar to rheumatoid arthritis) with high fever and a lot of pain.

Psoriasis psoriasis erythrodermica – it is a secondary erythrodermis, very dry with exfoliation and it usually comes as a consequence of heavier disorders on the internal organs.

The above mentioned skin disorders are taken care of with the help of the herbal teas and herbal tea combination, as well as the creams and the proper diet. More information about the proper diet can be found under the link for Proper diet for skin disorders.

For the treatment

Tea for the liver diseases and disorders: 300 (gram) (2/1) drink 1.5 liters per day

Tea for the gallbladder and liver diseases and disorders: 300 (gram) (3/1) drink 0.5 liters per day

Tea combination seed from thorn: (4/1) drink it twice per day (morning and evening) instead of the coffee

For all the groups:

Take gentian elixir according to the instructions three times per day 15 ml(one tablespoon)

One pill of supplemental Selenium, one pill of supplemental iron, one pill of magnesium supplements

100 grams of yogurt

Three tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed), mixed with juice from 4 lemons and one or two tablespoons of honey

200-300 grams Broyce's juice and up to 10 pm any fruit or vegetable but no bread (or anything made out of dough)

Tomato juice (no conservancy) or homemade ketchup

Garlic Mayonnaise

Take 300 grams of crushed garlic, 100 grams of clean walnuts, 3 bunches of Italian parsley, 300 grams of extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed), a little bit of salt and everything is mixed well and crushed as much as possible. It needs to be eaten once per day in the evening with whole wheat bread and yogurt.

Red beet Juice (Combination): 2 kg of fresh red beet, scaled, 300 grams carrots, 5 kg apples (sour not sweet), 3 bunches of Italian parsley, 2 bunches of celery, wash it well and grind it in the machine, put it in a bigger pot, pout up to 8-1 liters of cold water, add 1 or 1.5 kg of honey and let it sit for 12 hours. Pour it through gaze and keep it in a glass container refrigerated, it needs to be used within 20 days.

Carrot juice: make it the same way as the red beet juice always from fresh products, the juices are always homemade and from fresh fruits and vegetables, in a combinations or alone, they need to be taken every day (today apple juice, tomorrow watermelon juice and so on)

Take pumpkin- baked in the oven or pumpkin seeds unbaked

Take brewer's yeast (you can find it in the pharmacy)

Butavate (Clobetasol Proprionate)- it is used as a topical cream it is found in the pharmacy

More under the link for psoriasis and vitiligo

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