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Manual for liver and gallbladder diseases

For implementing therapy with alternative medicine using of herbs for healing diseases of liver and gallbladder, gallbladder canals, spleen and pancreas

Regimen of Nutrition

Liver, gallbladder which is inside liver, as the spleen are one of most important and vital organs in the organism, in which are happening the most important biochemical processes and processes of changing materies -metabolism -catabolism<>anabolism , as the other processes in creating the blood, components for lymph hormonal and blood system as the other important functions and tasks.

This organs because of their importance , functions and overeat with work , very often are exposed of different light and hard diseases and illnesses also pancreas is one of the vital organs, which hormonal extracts play important role for the organism and is famous as very lazy organ and is has tendency for different diseases. THE MOST FREQUENT diseases of this organs are: blowing, to smear with grease, (changing of triglycerides, cholesterol, AST, ALT, hepatitis conditions, conditions of cirrhosis, ascit, atrophies, abscess, echinococ, phascilozys, black yellow disease, gallbladder colitis, inflammations, sand, stone in gallbladder, stone gallbladder , cholecistit, cysts, diabetes, tu, tumors, and ca, carcinoma and etc.

Alternative medicine for liver solve a lot of problems of liver function.
Alternative medicine treatment of liver diseases and gallbladder diseases - THERAPY for healing, curing of liver diseases and gallbladder diseases containing three parts and they are:

FIRST PART is contained for teas, tea combinations, herbal tea combinations, Tincture, honeycrnodrobni2 preparations, centurions, which include a lot of non poisonous, not making dependencies and cannot affect negatively to organism tincturaherbs , medicinal herbs from the Prespa environment , which are combined on the basic of doctor diagnosis . In the combination are included 50-70 species of herbs. They are completes of Therapy with which the curing, healing last 42 days, and is important for solving organism systems problems and periods (blood, hormonal, nervous, lymph, metabolism, biorhythm, metabolic equals and etc. systems) The herbs are collecting by the herb man (familiar) where is strict and take care of the ecological side, quality, the place, altitude above 1.000 m. and etc.

SECOND PART is contained from REGIMEN eating, way of eating, that is also in correlation of diagnosis and disease, made by the long period of experience , theories of Karper, Ginter, BROJS, Zarai, Diamond and other known world names but accommodated of our mentality, behaviors, environment, microclimates factors and connection to nature and products from environment . With method of nutrition, regimen of eating, way of feeding are reaching --- correcting of the biorhythm, metabolic equal, inputting 70 % per day live liquids under fruits and vegetables , right method of eating and right food , order and regular catabolism and anabolism, de toxic of the organs and organism, strengthening the defense, blood , hormonal and lymph system.

THIRD PART is solving of the problem of psychological factor=soul, under more frequent and direct contacts with human, as human not as object on which must put on the mind that the body is contained from three parts body-mind--- soul, in which must take care also for HOPE, LOVE and FAITH and with acting together of all three factors can reach wished results, effects and to solve problem of the disease and as permanent solution.

tincturaTHERAPY is preventive, protective and healer what\s mean that with it's starting are escaping aches, attacks, actions of therapy are weak healer activity , they are not strong and sharp , because of that the use of same is long lasting but after longer period of use can reached enormity results in healing diseases. In some disease healing can last few months (Tu, Ca, cysts, bigger stones and etc.) but same is not damageable, it doesn't make dependencies and doesn't\t have negative effects with other medications. The only problem is longer drinking of herbal tea combinations regular every day but when you have in mind that you will get permanent solutions of diseases and conditions of you organism is worthwhile.
After finishing of Therapy from 42 day are making regular (blood picture, echo, roentgen native picture and etc.) after seeing the satisfy results therapy stopping process of consuming therapy and after that you consulting for other behavior for small period to not get diseases for future.
With methods of healing with this therapy hasn't problem if other therapy is already taking. The same hasn't problem if taking modern medicine and etc. It doesn't have negative reaction with other medicines. So this mean that can taking any time and in same time with other medicines.
It useful when taking (implementing) therapy to accent own intuition therefore to listen organism what it's needs and what to need to do one own initiative to take that request organism, mind or soul to be doctor on yourself.
BREAKFAST form 6.00 to 10.00 o'clock
1.//one tablet Selen ----- one tablet Iron ------one tablet Magnesium
2.1 100 gr. yogurt
2. 1.// one tablet ?????==one tablet Iron===one tablet Magnesium
2.// 100 gr. yogurt
3.// three times per day Uralit or Rovatinex or change for them
3// three soup spoons olive oils cold pressed mixed with juice from 4 lemons and one or two soup spoons liquid honey .
4.// 200 to 300 gr. BROJSOV JUICE and to 10 o'clock is taking fruits or vegetables but without bread.
5.// can use and juice from tomatoes (without conservans)
LUNCH from 10,00 o'clock to 18,00 o'clock
For lunch at fist is eating salad basis to be from fresh Cabot dressed with olive clod pressed oil little large salt and apple acid the salad is taking 20 minutes before lunch.
After that can eat more times but smaller quantity on every 2 ours to taking something, for reason to waste gallbladder liquid and to clean liver and spleen.
For eating can eat from next things ------- potatoes, rice---- leguminosae------ soya ---leka----- peas
Sea fish-------butter milk---yogurt----polenta----- corn flour and black dietic breads.
Eating's are preparing with little spices , olive cold pressed oil , little salt. The eating is not allowed to be garnered . Is eating just bread and potatoes, after two ours bread and rice, after two ours bread and sea fish and etc.
(if is not in the list it cannot eat)
DINNER from 18.00 to 20 .00 o'clock
For dinner is taking butter milk or boiled wheat
After lunch or before that are taking recipe under number 3 and before or after the dinner.
BROJS JUICE and TEAS ARE TAKING ALL DAY , before or after eating according manual
REGIMEN OF EATING ----------7------14------21------42--- DAYS ---- SECOND VARIANT
BREAKFAST FROM 06.00 TO 11.00 o'clock (same as the first variant)
LUNCH --- from 10 to 18.00 o'clock --- eating on every two ours but eating's are prepared without any oils----- potatoes, O peas, string beans, rice, vegetables with black diet breads and etc.
That is making 5 days and Saturday and Sunday is eating with oils.
When you eating on this way recipe under number of three 3 from first variant is taking obligation
DINNER ---- is taking boiled wheat or corn.
Home in the dresses is not allowed to keep Naphthalene, (Tust,) because of it paogenical radiations. Do not sleep with head turn to west because of the cosmic energies.
BROJS JUICE --- is making on this way ----- is taking 500 gr. fresh beet, 300 gr. carrot, is cleaning is melting on the machine for melting meat not on the juice machine , is putting in the bigger and deep pot and are putting also 3 hands cut fresh parsley and two hands celery , is putting also half kilogram liquid honey and all that is covering with 8 liters cold water if is available spring water. Is leaving to stay 6 ours and after that is strain to filter and collecting in glass bottles. Is keeping in the refrigerator and is drinking 700 ml. to 1 liter over all day change for water.
Also all day are taking TEAS which are getting from the herb man according manuals. FROM THAT THE HUMAN EATING ONLY ONE QUARTER IS USING FOR ORGANISM, THE OTHER THREE QUARTERS ARE FOR THE DOCTORS
NOTE: in accordance with this manual are using manuals in relation of blood picture . Nutrition depending of the blood group. click here for more
Complet therapy consist
1. Tea combinations N. 1/1,2,3,4 - pack 200-300 gr.
2. Tea combinations N. 2/1,2,3,4 ? pack 200-300 gr.
3. Tea combinations N. 6/1,2,3,4 ? pack 150-250 gr.
4. Tea combinations N. 8/1,2,3,4 ? pack 100-200 gr.
5. Tea combinations N. 4/1,2,3,4 - pack 100-200 gr.
6. Honey ? packs 700 ? 1000 gr.
7. Tincture ? packs 200 ? 500 gr.
8. Combined centurion oils
9. Advice on protecting from negative energies or protectors
10. Manual for making and drinking Teas
11. Manual for ,,MUST EAT" recepies
12. Manual for contact and control
When coming please bring the doctor diagnosis and blood picture.

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