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Manual for fat as appearance and disease

HEALTH DIET for losing weight and weight loss improving your health health Manual with help of tea combinations and regimen of nutrition (diet)
Circumstances and way of living , fast and dynamical live full with nervosas and stresses , permanent tense , inability for accommodation and new appearing situations, breaking the natural laws , biorhythm and other and especially in female gender, are bringing very often to disorder or known as fatten that can be treated as disease or as fatten, because the preposition for that kind of condition are connected for organic disorders and are caused by other happenings in the organism which can be treated as diseases. This is especially accented in the climax 1sindrom in female world in the time of before climax and after climax period which period can last sometimes more than 10 years and can start very early (in the age of 30).

The problem is caused by the raised estrogenic extracts , independently from wich causes is that consequence. Inability this problem to uncover and solve very often are escaping with fake presumptions as are fattening on the nervous basis, fatten on permanent eating between eating , fattening on the basis economy – to not waste up if something is not eaten from other members from family.

Fattening is process which is very easy to get and is very hard to get rid of that because of the suggest and fear for escaping from the bad behaviors , to not weak the blood , to not lose weight very fast, to not skin hanging and etc. which are absolute wrong presumptions. Process of fattening is process which getting very easy and is very normal looking until that moment when try to get rid of that. When using different therapy and diets from different scientist and authors are very often happening trying to lose weight to lose the erythrocytes , hemoglobin , anemia and etc. which is not very recommended and useful. Alternative medicine solving of this problem is looking from other deeper aspect and it's solving on the way in which are releasing from the fats and fats , unnecessary kilograms , cholesterol and cellulite, smear to grease of the organs in the abdomen and their tallowing with which is slowing their work and make inability for normal function and the work in which is taking care to not fall down in situation of anemia, losing iron and disturbing of the basic systems in the organism , blood, lymph, hormonal, defense and etc. To achieve this therapy contain two parts:

First part is contained from teas , herbal tea combinations which are preparing and using with the given manuals from the herb man, and in which combination are contained approximately 50-70 species of medicinal herbs and in which actions has antiseptically, antibacterial, antivirus, choleritical, holagogal, stomachic, diuretically and other effects with which whole cleaning of blood and limph system, blood and limph cannals is ordering hormonal system and is servicing and cleaning on all organs in the abdomen. In components of teas has also components which is cutting wish for frequent eating's and contain enough components which has effects that influent on brain and nervous system to in good timing order to stop with eating.

Second part is Regimen of nutrition with which is ordering metabolic equivalence , natural biorhythm, metabolism, choice of right nutrition with priority of the fruit and vegetables and way of nutrition on right way.

Third part which is also important not mention above is psychological factor which must be arbiter in implementing of two parts and with which help need to be removed bad behaviors for eating and
to eat and drink as the other animal world which is respecting in whole this rules . Only three parts implemented carefully and together at whole are giving effects. Therapy last from 21 to 42 days in which period can lose weight from 7 – 20 kg.

Regimen of nutrition FIRST VARIANT

Breakfast from 06 to 11 o;clock

1. tablet calcium plus one tablet selen
2. 2. One tablet Iron plus one tablet Potassium
3. To times omega 3
4. 4. 30-40 gr. dry grape
5. 100 gr. yogurt
6. Fruit
7. Vegetbalees
8. 200-300-500 gr. tea number 1 and tea number 2
9. 200-300-500 gr. brojsov juice
10. teas 200 – 300 gr. number 3 and tea number 4

Lunch from 11 to 18 o;clock

Eatings are preparing especially with cold pressed olive oil and sea salt

The eating is not allowed to be garnish ---- it's taking only partial eatings for example are taking only potatoes and nothing else. Only rice and nothing else. It's not allowed to mix starch with albumin – protein ---- it can eating on every 3 ours --- and is taking one from the next eating ---- rice----potatoes----string beans----leka-----soyavita------sea fish-----butter milk and yogurt and sometimes black dietic breads.

Eating can be prepared sometimes roasting them --- 20 min. before eating are taking season salads without dressings --- the basic always must be or tomatoes or fresh Cabot .

Dinner from 18 --- 20 o'clock

It can eat for dinner only butter milk or yogurt or season salads without dressings.

Out from this regimen of eating is not taking nothing else or drink else.

Fruit can taking in any time on you wish.


7-------------14----------------------21 days

Breakfast from 06 to 11 o'clock

Same as the first variant

Lunch and dinner are taking eating prepared without any oils.

The above rules are implementing also in this variant in addition is recommended 7 days to taking first variant and other days 14 second variant.

Brojsov Juice is taking together with teas all day long from 700 to one liter per day. It's making from 500 gr. beetroot, 300 gr. carrots all this is cleaning and cutting and it processing with machine for meat melting. Is putting in the bigger container in which are putting 5 hands parsley and 5 hands celery and all that are covering with 10 liters clod water, is leaving to stay 6 ours. After that with help of strainer are putting into the clean sterilized glass bottles and is storing into the refrigerator.

The food you are eating only 1/3 is used from the organism the other ¾ are for the doctors.

The bigger shame for the women is because of the fat to destroy the self beauty.

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