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Manual for skin disease Psoriasis Vulgaris


Psoriasis, - Psoriasis Vulgaris is chronically and genetically determined papulosquamossal dermatosis,psoriasis vulgaris 2 custom clinical and histological well defined but etiologically and pathological not yet explained. Psoriasis is one of the most common dermatosis , affecting 5 % of the population. It is considered that 3-5% of the human population suffers from this condition. The word comes from the Greek word ,,Psora" meaning nice and soft layers. Besides skin, psoriasis often affects the nails.

Etiology and pathogenesis of psoriasis:

The reasons as to what causes this disease are not yet fully understood by modern science and medicine. The only known fact is that it is a hereditary disease with genetically preconditioned disorder of the skin function. It is proved also that psoriasis is inherited autosomal, dominant, order or disorder with variation of 20 to 60 %. The illness is not inherited, but the predisposition for developing of psoriasis is, or psoriatic terrain , and for a clinical manifestation of the illness, other provocative factors have to be fulfilled, internal or external ( stress, disorder in the metabolism, focal infections, different organic and inorganic or functional disorders and illness and other external harmful factors like chemicals , poisons and etc. ) .That means that even though the predisposition for development of psoriasis is there, if the provocative factor does not appear , the disease can stay latent(hidden) for the rest of the life and not manifest itself as skin disease. The risk of hereditary development varies between 5 to 90 % . If it is only one of the parents that carry the disease the inheriting risk is 30 % ,if both parents have psoriasis then inheriting risk is up to 70 %.Regarding the hereditary aspect psoriasis can be genotypic and phonotypical . Genotypic is inherited, and phonotypical is also inherited but manifested on the skin if provocative factors are present. It is known that psoriasis is about pathological reactions of the skin to different traumas, metabolic disorders of the epidermis cells and enzyme relations in between and instead of simple creation of the corneal layer , the number of mitosis in them is ten or more times larger than normal resulting in the cells lifetime of 4 days instead of 30.

n offer words it is a wtter of disorder of the proliferation kinetic of epidermal cell. Following the infectingpsoriasis Vulgaris 1 theory it is counted for the psoriasis is a cousencunce of infection of various viruses, bacterial etc. It is also counted for that they are only profocirial factors. Some authors think that this is disorders in epidermal cells as in metabolism of lipids, cholesterol and phospholipids also carbon hydrates and especially fats in the organism. It's proved that it is a bigger disorder of the biochemical process. in the epidermal cells, as well as enlarged synthesis of the proteins especially DNA enzymes proteins , glicolitical enzymes as the increase of oxidation processes , but all that is not counting as specifically. Also is counted that psoriasis is psychosomatic illness , that can bring to neurovegetative unstable (esthetic, complex, fear from contagion etc.) health skin.

Endocrine disorders (hormonal) are also one of the conditions for existing psoriasis. The disorders of the function of the ovaries timus, hipotisis and above kidney gland and in certain cases (ovaries) hormonal disorders at estrogen , progesterone , tyrosine, cortisone etc. are counted for many important factors Psoriasis is in the group of ,,avtoimun diseases" through inherited characteristics , power for own destruction of the defense of your own organism , by mistake or subconscious. Of all scientific theories still we can bring the only conclusion that psoriasis is a ,,semisindrom" where allround factor is parental heritage (geneticall) and other development of psoriasis and endulge from latent to became visaBLE. Among them there are hormonal and provocal factors and they are hormonal and metabolic disorders, infections at various organs, nerve disorders focal infections and various outdoor factors.

Clinical picture of psoriasis in typical cases is rather characteristically. Basic lezii are consisted at eritema or weakly infiltrated marks (papulal ) cover with dry, silver – white white losps (prvuti dandruff ) Changes are in warious forms and size but sharply restricted losps can be in yellow colour and weakly adherent soft. For psoriasis is characteristic another Fen omen CALLED ,,blood dev" which is an expreseton of papilomatosis by whom psoriasis can be diagnosted. Most frequently attacked places with psoriasis are extensor sides of the extremities, elbow, knees, cosmat parts and sacrol and perennial parts.

2. Types of psoriasis
Basically there are two types of psoriasis: chronically – statically ( often ) and eruptive – exanthema (rarely)

By shape , size, form, expansion, morphological appearance psoriasis can be :

- psoriasis punctuate- the marks are small as a grain of wheat

- psoriasis guttata- the marks are as big drops of water

- psoriasis nummularis – where the marks are big as coins

- psoriasis inplacibus – where the marks and lesions in shape of plates with broad occupation of the skin

- anular and circinar psoriasis – where we have lesions or places of various kind

- psoriasis geographic – where lesions are like geographic cart

- psoriasis eritrodermithis - is one of the wort difficult psoriasis

- psoriasis inverse- located on intertriginal parts and flexor sides of the extremities and genitals whit red smooth and shiny surfaces frequently wet macerated with fissures and crusts

- psoriasis inveterate – old type of psoriasis whit strictly formes changes on the elbow and knees

- psoriasis palmoplantaris – psoriasis of the palm and feet similar to egzema

- psoriasis capiliti – atacts the scalp of the head with fat layers of losps; in this case the hair never falls of.

- psoriasis unguiun – psoriasis of the nails

- - psoriasis pustiloza – a rearer form with visable and steril pustules ; acompanions of some often psoriasis

- psoriasis pustuloza generalisata - appears on the psoriases embers caused by the arsenic corticosteroids etc. along high temperature itening changes of the nails and elbos as well as palms.

- psoriasis arthropahica – is a frequent form of psoriasis manifested in shape of bumps, aches in ankles, changes of nails. Whit deformities arthritis simile rheumatic arthritis whit high temperature and painful.

- psoriasis psoriasis erythrodermica – is secondary eritrodermia, dry and exfolijative, usually a consequence of harder diseases of internal organs.

There are other disease that are similar to psoriasis whos determination and diagnosis is rather complicated. From all above , that is from the aspect of view from modern medicine psoriasis is an incurable diseases.


Traditional medicine , particulary alternative herbaria upon this disease looks from another angle and offers solutions. Solutions whit which psoriasis is successfully and permanently basicly shattering modern medicine opinions and solutions.

From 30 years of experience and knowledge of Traditional medicine psoriasis vulgaris is a disease cured permanently whit in time of 21 days to 80 days , depending of the kind of the psoriasis , age and oldness of the disease and other factors influencing the sickness . Traditional medicine confirms that there are various kinds of psoriasis vulgaris, which can be easily determined by looks (realize) and doctors diagnosis. Psoriasis is a sickness and problem of the whole organism not just the skin , where is just manifested. Experience shows that in the case of psoriasis several provocative and side conditions and factors are forfilled , as the likes of bad metabolism, hormonal disorder , disslocatted of enzyme flows, decreased defensive condition dislocation of transaminasis, degradation products lipoproteinic status , biochemical disorders of metabolism in whole organism and whitin the cells of the skin , psyhosomat problems of the person whith psoriasis , neurotic conditions, following other diseases from group of the selfimun diseases (lupus , asmatic, neffrosclerosis, insufficiencies etc. ) Most frequent enforces of psoriasys vulgaris are stress, nervosas sentimentalities and various others not wellbeing basic characteristic is independent of other causes, is the fact that the cell of the skin instead lasting for 30 days which is normal only last for 4 days because of what are skated so called ,,lospi" of most it increase during psring and fall out in summer it is like disappearing . Often times whit different creams , are used in, medicint creams enriched with ,,dextametazon" or other corticosteroids it can be caused for a short time and repeat that leads to the fact that is a disease of the organism and it should be treated as one.

Alternative medicine treatment curing all organism not just psoriasis as disease and that 's mean that when you curing psoriasis you also solve a lot of problems that follow psoriasis . You get in order the menstrual cycles, metabolism, other diseases and etc.

In first 21 days starting with this method you get and order the blood picture and you getting health blood and that elements after that solving a lot of problems in the organism.

Modern Medicine in treatment of psoriasis is power less. Alternative medicine offers a solution under one condition. Discipline of the pacient, of his behavior. Healing is almost guaranteed only in case of sub ordinance. The treatment for psoriasis lasts at least 21 up to 80 days. The treatment depends on three important factors, Which factors must be acomplishead for psoriasis to be healed.

Treatment of psoriasis

Alternative medicine treatment curing all organism not just psoriasis as disease and that 's mean that when you curing psoriasis you also solve a lot of problems that follow psoriasis . You get in order the menstrual cycles, metabolism, other diseases and etc.


1. Psychological factor of the person that wants to be treated: The psychological factor is the factor of the soul factor of the heart and internal energies of the patient, which must be provoked and awaken, activating the subconscious including her also in solving the problem. Once (and for all your should come awake that psoriasis is not incurable for what on your first meeting with the doctor you will hear the opposite whit no guilt on his conscious he will gladly execute psychological murder, destroying every hope for solving the problem. WIth this psychological factor and activating the subconscious comes hormonal adjustment which is an important factor for solving of this challenge. No one can be cured if consciously and willingly don't accepted to be healed. No one can help you if you don't agree to the conditions offered to you, except thew and follow them the result will be 100 % guaranteed depends how you follow the rules. No one can solve your problem not whit healing not whit food if the n. one the psychological factor is not forfiled and that is. wanting needing to be treated and excepting the conditions of treatment which are the only solutions for this sickness with the psychological factor, the so called mental movies that you crate are important (you lay on the bad and you make yourself a mental film (movie) and the point is to see yourself without psoriasis in your skin whit a beautiful skin --- in this way you starting the conscious --- two times per day). Whit our people psoriasis is known as disease the thears the hert because of the psychological problem that it causes therefore the heart most most be liberated from it. Get rid of the psoriasis problem and leave the problem to the herb man , he know how to deal whit it , do not get nervous you will be well or not the herb man is their to take care of you. You simply have to listen . Give the psoriasis to your herb man and the problem will be solved he know how.

2. WAY OF TREATMENT – factor of healing .
The only way of healing psoriasis for now is the Alternative approach whit help of herbs. Healing psoriasis is consisted of a complet of teas terapy , tea combinations, macerate, honey, tinctures and creams . In this complet enter 30 – 70 species of healing non poisonus herbs, combined whit tea combinations and products of the same. So, for psoriasis treatment are used the following tea combinations. Tea combinations 1/1,2,3,4 tea combinations 2 (1,2,3,4) tea combination 3 (1,2,3,4 ) tea combinations 8 (1,2,3,4) . Honeys, macerat and tinctures are product of herbs manufactured in special maner whit wine, honey and alcohol. Whit the whole organism is performed , which combinations is made upon a doctor diagnosis , abdomen black liver system, urinary , blood limf and hormonal system. Tea combinations have hundrets of characteristics their action is slow but safe and healthy. Whit hteir help all provocative factors are eliminated , the same that make psoriasis an ugly and insupportable disease. Noting is left on casuality, all systems are brought to order, the organism, you get clean and very strong immunologic system which drives the psoriasis out of it self and never lets it come back. This makes lose predispozitim for parental in heritage and no chance for genetically transmission. Tea combinations and other products are determined by the herbman and the same are taked from him. Their preparation and use as well mall as consuming is is determined whit special manual which is added to this text. Tea combinations are given for every day use for at least 21 at most 80 day uses. Tea therapy is once bought and that is for all period of treatment. Most of the tea combination and other products are patented and attested products therefore any suspicion of the quality and the health correctness is dismissed. The way of treatment includes combined cantarion oils and creams which are in the complet and are used for drift the psoriasis legions and marks.

3. Maner of eating
Factor of eating is the third factor from the complet of therapy for healing which is very important. Food is very important factor in healing without which the healing can't be terminated , successfully. Regim of eating is conditioned by the blood group. It is a list of products that goes along the therapy and base on what blood group is based kind of food. Therefore during treatment the blood group must be familiar. During the therapy there is also ,,MUST EAT" part consumed by all groups the same is also whit recepy. Those recepis are marked for all day products for all blood groups. First you take this part and then you use eatings from the list of blood group. A Chinese say ,,All diseases came from the mouth" fro what you must respect this factor. Additional to this list of eating and Special recepy for ,,MUST EAT" .

Only equal respect for all three factors brings to complete permanent effects and curable psoriasis. How you should act and behave for curing psoriasis:

Now knowing the curability of psoriasis you can contact the herb man via telephone net or directly. Manuals and guaranties for healing are given. Doctor diagnosis is confirmed or directly whit view from the herb man and you'll get manual. You can take the therapy (come once and until full treatment you are in direct contact with the herb man. On the day of raising the therapy you take the teas, tea combinations (3-5 packs) of necessary teas ) you take honeys, creams and other uessesities. You ' ll be given written and verbal manuall and such until complete solving of psoriasis you will make frequent contacts out telephone with the herb man , whitin time intervals of 21-80 days, until complete healing from psoriasis.

You will recive special explanations for protection frm various sources of energies which have negative influence and are part of causing factors of psoriasis (negative energies, rays of underground mater and etc. )

The first signs of curability whit psoriasis are noticeable at first 3-5 days from receiving therapies after 5-7 days comes to status quo in creating of lospi and dandruff 14-21 days the marks are paleing and receiving brown colour, the smaller lezii to 28 days 30 – 50 days are disappearing middle and smaller lezii and marks to 42 days all lezii should be vanished and all lezii shoul start to till theirselves with pigment. Regarding the specie and the kind of psoriasis the period of treatment is from 21 and the hardest from up to 80 days completely vanished. Psoriasis is considered cured when all lezii are dissapered from the body.

After treatment there are no restrict regarding eating or attitude. Once cured psoriasis very rearly is repeated as long as one is carefull white the challenging factors.

Which are the guarantees for healing ?
As long as you forfile all of the above three factor healing is guaranteed in healing of this sickness members are these three,, God – concludes the job as soon as you find the herb man; The herb man concludes the job when you go to him, you listen to him, follow his advice, maintain contracts complete healing , guaranties health. For him the job is done when you heal completely and YOU your part in this is 1/3 depending on you exclusively ,,You" get well as mach as you listen" .

Treatment from the then you start depends on you, as much as you listen as much as ,,You" get better if you listen 100 % ,,you" get well 100 %. Under condition of subordinance psoriasis is guaranteed curable since is so if not for you (because the conditions are hard) but for the health of your children and their children, not treating the psoriasis , you leave them bad inheritage. You will save them from psoriasis and yourselves from the curse of the generations. It is something you should be worried about you skin health so please welcome and lets solve your problems so you can be remembered by good.

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Complet therapy for psoriasis consist:

1. Tea combinations N. 1/1,2,3,4 - pack 200-300 gr.
2. Tea combinations N. 2/1,2,3,4 – pack 200-300 gr.
3. Tea combinations N. 6/1,2,3,4 – pack 150-250 gr.
4. Tea combinations N. 8/1,2,3,4 – pack 100-200 gr.
5. Honey – packs 700 – 1000 gr.
6. Macerat – packs 200-500 gr.
7. Tincture – packs 200 – 500 gr.
8. Honey with (mle~) – pack – 100-250 gr.
9. Combined cantarion oils and creams pack 100-200-300 gr.
10. Advice on protecting from negative energies or protectors
11. Manual for making and drinking Teas
12. Manual for ,,MUST EAT" recepies
13. Manual for contact and control

When you come you must bring Doctors Diagnosis, blood group and blood picture in with is specifics about the general blood condition, sedimentation, enzymes, (triglicerid, HDL,LDL) transaminazes, ASL, ALT, alk, posphotaza, degredation products, lipoprotein status, virus condition, white rubies, and so on – blood picture validity is 6 months.

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