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Manual VITILIGO disease

VITILIGO is most frequent and most known acquired leukodermia and is counting that from 1 to 2 % from all human kind have this Vitiligo as acquired disease , becouse of hiperpigmentation of the edges of the layers of Vitiligo is counting in the group of LEUKOMELANODERMIES , VITILIGO is destroyed melanocit in the epidermus becouse is losing pigmentation and on that places – locations the skin is almost white and in most cases edged and it's differs from the normal skin.


All disorders that appear when the sedimentation is out of order are calling dsikromia and it's divide as melanin and not melanin. The color of the skin pigmentation and and the color of skin dependents


As first color of skin depends of the quantity and spread of the melanin in epidermis and corium of the skin.

Second === functionality condition of the blood vessels and their number calibration and fulfilled.

Third==== from the obese of cornea layer .

Autochthones components which are present in the skin and which are important for it's color of the skin are :

1. Melanin

2. Hemoglobin and ox hemoglobin

3. karotinoides (lipokromes)

From all anomalies of the pigmentation the most frequent are that which appears because of increased or decreased quantity of the melanin in the epidermis or corium. If melanin is increased is talking about melanodermy or melanosis and it depends from that in which layer of the skin is located melanin (this is called mark with different colors and dimensions like red to light brown , yellow light brown, black, gray light brow and etc.) In the hip pigmentations we have increased present of melanin in difference while in depigmentation we have decreased presence of melanin which skin in this places (locations) is white. In the leukodermies it's happening that locations are without melanin.

In the melanodermies we have appearance of different marks or freckles from which the more important are lentigo and lentiginosis(pockmarks, freckle with dimension of beans ) it appearing in three kinds as lentigo simpleks, lentigoseniliks and lentigomaligna (melanosis) . It can find everywhere on the body and without doctor advice it cannot be healed or treatment or spread with oils or etc.

As most frequent appearing of pockmarks, freckles are CHLOASMA (Melasma) which are appearing the most frequent in the period of meno pause and also as the aged marks, aged spots and etc. Very frequent pigmentations and excrescences , excrescence are closed spinned with presence or not presence of the melanin , expose of the sunlight , hormonal disorders and other and other light and hard diseases or disorders of other organs in the organism. More expressive or more frequent are as called leukodermies which are divide in genetical or herreditary and acquire , acquired . The more famous herreditary leukodermia which is appearing from the birth is Albinism, Albinizam, Albinizm (white hair) . And as the most frequent acquired leukodermia is VITILIGO.


VITILIGO is most frequent and most known acquired leukodermia and is counting that from 1 to 2 % from all human kind have this Vitiligo as acquired disease , because of hiperpigmentation of the edges of the layers of Vitiligo is counting in the group of LEUKOMELANODERMIES , VITILIGO is destroyed melanocit in the epidermis becouse is losing pigmentation and on that places – locations the skin is almost white and in most cases edged and it's differs from the normal skin. Frequently it has circle form and can appear in different form of specific parts of the skin or wided on whole body. It thought that one of the reasons for appearing of vitiligo is decreased activity of tirozinazits, tirozinazites . Frequently on the edge of the periphery nerves is creating similar component of melatonin which inhibit melanogenesis and is stopping and doesn't has opportunity for creating melanocit which is one of the components for pigmentation. Inhibition of the melanogenesys can be consequence of different infections of other important organs or sistems of the organism which are liver diseases, diseases of kidneys, stomach system, and etc. Vitiligo is counting in the autoimmune disorder – disease where own immunological system is destroying self and falling down the self defense of the organism when is the most important. The Vitiligo not very often can be combined with alopecia , area, diabetes mellitus , disease of the thiroid gland , pernicious anemia, atrofical gastritis and etc. Very often Vitiligoto is connected with disorders of thyroid gland , hormonal disorders and hard diseases of the stomach and stomach system (ulcers, colitis, tumors) in most of the cases stress situations physical and psyhical stress , Lon lasting nervousness, neurostenoses, high sensibility , sentimentality can be one of the causes which are followed by appearing of Vitiligo.

Very often and frequently it appearing only on the skin where is visible small or bigger number of symmetrical spread up points --- pixels after that bigger one as beans after that bigger like bigger marks and bigger. After confluent and develop process of that the Vitiligo can spread on whole body also whole skin area which in other case is basis for attaching other skin infections and diseases. On the periphery and periphery parts is very often appearing hiperpigmentation with different intensity . Very often Vitiligo is appearing on the outside side of hads, forearm, face and neck , eyelid and on the hidden area of the body (genitals , breast and other places) . In the folklore medicine Vitiligo can be found in these three forms as classifications

1. (Vitiligo Dots, VITILIGO DOTS ) Irregular points

2. VITILIGO COIN Regular circle dots with different dimensions (Coin Vitiligo, )

3. Whole Vitiligo -Whole body with different forms and dimensions (Whole Vitiligo)

It graduated on seven groups and they are from first to third group it has on the eyes , hands and knees from the third group to the fifth group it has on more places and on the seventh group is spread up on whole body skin area.

It can be chronically vitiligo which casual is forcing up and spreading on the crossing of the seasons ---- April , may and September , October . Is much eye looking in the summer period because of sunlight health skin going darker and Vitiligo can going red and start to burning with pain. Fibers on the area of vitiligo going white. Very often is appearing on defined places for example in the hair with parts of white hair, it\s known as POLIOSIS CIRCUMSCRIPTA. Appearing of Vitiligo is starting in earlier years. In 25 % cases is familiar and hereditary , and very often can bringing all live long and do not make any consequences to the other health system of the organism . It straitening in time of menopause and after 50 years old.

ALBINISM NAEVUS ANAEMICUS and NAEVUS DEPIGMENTOSUS is unable type for solving - Vitiligo and is appearing after born. Healing of this form is very hard and is unsolving.

VITILIGO – Is with medicine treatments unable to cure and heal but with methods of Alternative Medicine it can be treat with percentage of 60 to 80 % if the start with treating earlier what mean that the percentage of success is bigger when starting from first to third group . The modern medicine is giving standard therapy which containing taking psoral (meladinin, trisoral and etc. ) exposing of ultraviolet rays and etc. and some kind of creams and oils. Is recommended of process of healing and is recommended also by the modern medicine Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Very often Vitiligo can be consequence of different TETOVAGES, with are destroying pigmentation and can stay like that all long live. Alternative medicine for curing of Vitiligo use three basic factors

1.1 Psychology factor is same as psoriasis vulgarize and on that is important to take in consideration reason is releasing of hormons enzymes and components of limf system and self-defense system which is directly connected with presence of negative energy in organism which is unsuccessful change with positive energy is giving negative results and unability for curing. Sometimes is enough when you go to doctor and hear that that disease cannot be solved which is going directly in the autosugestive and in the mind and don't give ability for solving of vitiligo. Because of that is important to take in considerations also regulations from the psoriasis vulgaris given in the part of psychology factor.

1.2 The method of curing :- Alternative giving following combinations of teas and help medicine with which ensuring ordering of all systems in the organism and their regular functioning and working. In the complete of therapy is included approximately from 50 -70 species of herbs whith which is ensuring completely cleaning and strengthening of all systems in organism.

Teas Combinations 2/1=2/2=2/3=2/4=2/5=2/6=2/7 are preparing and drink on the following way

In 1,5 liter water which is boiling are putting two soup spoons from the TEA , the pot in which is tea preparing is covering with cover and it's removing from the fire , is living on the side to stay 1 hour , is straining and is keeping in the glass bottle.

Is taking over all day long, change for water , arrange over all day 50-70 ml. over day and per day to drink

===========500=====700====1 l/ =====1,2 l. ===== 1,5 l=======

1.3.2. Tea combination 3/1==3/2==/3/3===3/4===3/5=== is preapring and drink on the following way

In 300====500==== ml. boiling water is putting one soup spoon from the TEA and the pot is covering with cover and is taking out fire and is leave to stay one hour is straining and is keeping in the glass bottle

Is drinking before eating and on the following order

2====3====5=== times per day of 150 ml. ===100ml.====60 ml. ====

1.3.3 TEA combination 4/1===4/2===4/3===4/4 is preparing like coffee , one coffee spoon is putting in 60-70 ml. water and after boiling , is straining and is drinking hot as coffee . Sediments that is staying after straining can be boiled again . Is taking early in the morning and in the evening.

1.3.4 Is drinking 2 times ------ 4 times per day 60 to 70 ml. (one glass ) per day.

Tincture ====500 ml. =====1 liter is ready remedy.

Is drinking 2 times ====3 times =====4 times =====5 times per day before eating 1o ml==15 ml==2o ml

Macerate==3ooml==5ooml===1litar=is ready preparation

Is drinking 2 times ==== 3 times====4 times===5 times=== per day before eating 100 ml. =====15 ml. =====20 ml. ----

HONEY VINE (MEDOVINA) 300 grams ====500 grams ==== 1 kgr. Is ready preparation is taking before eating 2 times ====3 times ====5 times with coffee spoon

Apple cider Vinegar from wild apples , is ready 100 % natural product gain in the special method is taking 2=====3 times per day before eating ====10======15=====20=====30 ml. dissolve with 50=70 milliliters water.


Recommended is buying water from the shop.

Also need to be used clean water for cooking

TEAS are taking as they are circled , all teas are drinking every day between 15 to 20 minutes , and are drinking over day one by other . Is recommended to take before 11 o'clock in the morning before eating because of efficiency cleaning , with teas is cleaning ---washing of organism. Per day minimum need to drink 1 liter and max. 2,5 liters. Teas is also with diuretically, antiseptically and antibacterial and a big number of other advance specter of effects . Drinking of teas is negotiating all time with herb man (decreasing or increasing of doze)

Is taking only that is discussed with herb man and circled and not on your hand

6. On every changed need to be permitted from the herb man

CREAMS and Oils for for spreading

1. 1. For spreading , grease of vitiligo very often are using creams prepared by the herb man.

Is spreading one to two times per day

1.2 Vitiligo can be spread by the patient alone with strained juice from fresh carrots and with juice from celedonium majus and juice from wild fig (take in consideration to not make contact with eyes)





Meat and meat products, milk and milk products , white flour, white sugar, fine grained salt, regular oil, chicken, salami, chopped meat, chopped liver, liver paste or paste from meat, conserved products, beans, string beans, O peas, leka, Soya, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, soda juices, cacao


Sea fish and products, rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables, from all species except mentioned above



Vitamin C, Vitamin b12, Selen, carrots 200-300 grams , pumpkin and pumpkins, peach, apricot, dry grapes, bone products, nuts (walnut, almond, hazelnut, not roasted 20-30 grams) not roasted seeds from pumpkin

Regulation of BIORHYTHM are same as in the manual from psoriasis and are respecting at all.

Vitiligo is curing minimum 6 weeks and maximum is 3 months . If all regulations mentioned here is respected the developing of disease is stopping for 6 weeks and withdrawal of vitiligo depending of that which layer of cells from the skin is destroyed and whole withdrawal is happen 90 days.

The healing is recognizing after 21 day from taking therapy where in the middle of spots (Vitiligo) is creating a pigment which is enlarging periphery. Very often is happening Vitiligo to withdrawal after stopping with therapy and explanations of this is in the time of therapy are ordering all systems and Vitligo withdrawal after longer period.

This therapies for Psoriasis Vulgarize and Vitiligo can be implemented also in the following diseases : Sugreb, Prurigo, Furuncle, Slepok, Acne Rosacae, Impetigo, lichen planus, seborrhea, ihtiosis, eczema, herpes zoster and other diseases

Note: For above mentioned diseases therapy basis is changing.

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